Alkalizing Kit – Seatrition, Coral Calcium Daily, Ultimate Daily Greens

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Is your body is overly acidic? If so, you may feel low energy, poor digestion, have difficulty losing weight, suffer from aches and pains, or even fall victim to more serious disorders due to poor body alkalinity. These symptoms can affect all aspects of your well-being. Therefore, it is important to balance your body pH. Our products in this kit working together may help neutralize and eliminate damaging acids, toxins, and harmful micro-forms from your body.

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Our Alkalizing kit includes a 2 months supply each of the following products:

1 bottle Seatrition® Daily Ocean blend of 12 Pure Seaweed Plants 180 vegetable capsules/btl (2 month supply)

Seatrition® is 100% pure ocean seaweed which provides natural multivitamins, minerals and vegetable iodine. May help balance body pH. This twelve variety formula is air dried at room temperature supplies a full range of the most nourishing superfoods the sea has to offer to maintain overall health. Seatrition may help digestive system, boost immune system, increase metabolism, maintain a healthy cholesterol & blood pressure Great source of vitamins and minerals for your entire family!

2 bottles Original Coral Calcium Daily® 90 vegetable capsules/btl (2 month supply)

Coral Calcium Daily®  is the original formula which is Marine Grade Coral Calcium that’s 100% pure. Ionized and easily absorbed by the body. Collected from the waters of Okinawa Japan. This coral is protected by the Japanese government and collected through a delicate process that preserves the coral reefs and marine life. With a 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium and 72 trace minerals.

2 bottles Ultimate Daily Greens with MSM® 180 vegetable capsules/btl (2 month supply)

Ultimate Daily Greens with MSM™ formula is an organic formulation full of vegetables, grasses, grains, herbs and powerful antioxidants. It combines with MSM (Methysulfonymethane) and may help balance body PH levels while providing key proteins, minerals and vitamins to aid in regeneration of cells. Ultimate Greens serving is equal to 2lbs of fresh vegetables! So you are able to get all of your vegetables in a drink without having to eat them. Ultimate Greens formula provides your body with what it truly needs: vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

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